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Private Music tuition

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Music as an ‘art form’ is best learnt through experiential lessons. And, it’s learnt really well at a tender age. If you as a parent wish to have a budding pianist, guitarist, drummer or flutist at home and your son or daughter in turn does really like the idea of being a musician – you’ve landed on the right page! We’re Accredited tutors – Nigeria’s leading provider of tutors in various disciplines. We’ve selected a number of music teachers in Nigeria who’ve participated in various programs endorsed or run by Nigeria (Ministry of Education)

These music teachers are now available for hire. Contact us here !

Why Music, Some People Ask!Silly as it may sound – some people reject the very idea of teaching music to young students. Their arguments against music education in Nigeria are generally based on the commonly accepted or rather borrowed belief that long term career prospects in this field are grim. To put it simply – not all students from even the best music schools in Nigeria are going to be celebrity musicians. Up there on the peak, it’s a narrow ridge and very few make it to that level. Most of those who actually get there climb down soon after. The entertainment industry is like that. BUT, music is nourishment for the spirit. It’s not just about making a career out of it although there are ample opportunities. It’s a fact that majority of students who learn music at a tender age experience an all-round brain development.

In other words, the person training a young musician in making should be not just an expert musician himself but also someone kids believe in.

But, finding great music tutors in Nigeria is no easy feat, right?

Even if you’ve got yourself into the best music school in Nigeria, you’d still need someone to mentor you, whether in-person or through tech-enabled online interfaces to ensure a happy and rather thrilling ending for your music education in Nigeria.

Also, no amount of music lessons in Nigeria or classroom coaching can help if it’s you failing to recognize the fact that you were born with music inside you! A Local Music Teacher or Someone Who Can Teach Online?Yes, music education has to be experiential, fun, enjoyable and collaborative in nature. It does not, however, imply that music lessons cannot be imparted online. Also, it doesn’t mean you should avoid making use of the technology and resort to the traditional style of learning.

Here at Accredited tutors, we’ve both local and private music tutors who can help you or someone in your family learn music step by step.

Even if the learner is in an advanced level, it wouldn’t be a problem finding a teacher competent enough to nurture and direct former’s desire to learn and grow as a musician.

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